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I have been in automotive field for over 30 years YES  I am old . I started out when i was about 5 helping my uncles when they were fixing their own cars in the back yard on the week ends. my  family was in the automotive business for many years  so I kinda grew up a car guy. then when i was about 17 I started a job in mechanic shop as helper lube tech  . few years later i was a tech an now I am owner an master tech  at GOOD BRAKES AUTOMOTIVE  in Phoenix . I now have many years of customer service an most of all we love working on cars . That's the part we love most getting the car fixed for customers the first time . We are great listeners and the first interview with customer is so important if you want to get the rest of the job done rite. we ask questions we show customers the parts we offer insight on the repair we offer options DID I SAY OPTIONS  yeas when there are options we offer them to you . You have NEVER heard that from any other shop because we treat our customers as Friends.So try us I am sure we will be more then you expected . 

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We are Family Owned & operated . Open in this location  10 years . We are definitely a customer service valued business . Our most joy is fixing cars our main concern is having the equipment an the knowledge to fix your car. we definitely take pride in our work so when you need a car repair The Best Choice is a place that has the qualities we just described . Good Brake Automotive needs to be the first call Mike 602-569-1162 

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 I personally promise we give everyone 100% . Thank you 

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Tune Up / Emissions


Good Brakes Automotive Performs ADEO Emission Testing & Repairs

Most Common Problems Tune up Related
Many components that if not working as per manufactures standard can result in failing emission levels .  When you fail emissions, its because tail pipe is  producing and release high levels of pollution. Emissions System That Can fail are :

  • Spark Plugs
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Leaking Exhaust System
  • Fuel Pressure Regulaor
  • Brake Booster Leak
  • Catalytic converter Failure
  • Distributor Cap/Rotor
  • Air Filter
  • Evap canister
  • Vent Soloniod
  • PCV Valve 
  • Purge Solenoid
  • Evap Hoses or Lines 
  • Fuel Filter
  • Catalytic Converter
  • EGR Valve
  • Air Pump
  • Oxygen Sensors

Emissions tests look for  high levels of Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen.  Levels Of failure vary from state to state. So contact Mike At Good Brakes Automotive to help you determine how to comply with theses guidelines 

Emissions Testing is complicated and in most cases equipment needed is expensive .We are trained professional experienced in auto emissions testing an repairs an can fund most problems fast . Emissions sniff machines,  We use  Dyno machines smog machines , scanners an lab scopes sensors & to test five different exhaust gases . Failures caused by

  • Fuel Evaporation System
  • Engine Decarb
  • Coolant Temp Sensor
  • Air Fuel Sensors
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Air Injection System
  • Air Filter
  • Vacuum leak
  • Intake Leak
  • MAP Sensor
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Oxygen Sensors

Any item that causes incomplete combustion  cylinder miss fire can result in high levels emissions an cause you to fail emissions test . 

Related parts that can fail

  • Worn Spark Plugs
  • ignition wires
  • leaking fuel injectors
  • Worn Distributor Cap and/or Rotor
  • Jumped Ignition Timing or Timing Belt
  • Vacuum Leaks
  • Engine mechanical failure, low compression
  • Valves burn or leak
  • Bad Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation Valve
  • Timing
  • MAP Sensor
  • BARO Sensor
  • MAF Sensor
  • Excessively Rich or Lean Mixtures
  • Clogged Fuel Injectors
  • Defective Oxygen Sensors
  • Airflow Sensor
  • Intake Temperature Sensor
  • Clogged /low / leaking cooling system
  • Defective Thermostat

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Auto A/C Heating Climate Control

We Offer Automotive air condition Repairs Service Automotive A/C Maintenance and Diagnostics Auto a/c recharge in phoenix 85022 on all makes all models quick an fast reliable with warranty, Call  Good Brake Automotive First. Air  condition systems we work on R12  R134 R1234y. come buy an let us help why sweat all summer 

A/c Compressors

Receiver Dryers

Freon top off

Freon repalcement 

Low charge 

A/c Blowing Warm


climate controls 

Heat ventilation 

Automatic climate Control 

Blend door Motors

Expansion  Valves

Heater Cores

Hoses High pressure Lines 

 Install new Service Fittings 

Evac An Recharge System. Call Good Brakes Auto For auto a/c repairs 85022 Expert Auto Air condition repairs 85022 Low cost a/c Repairs 85022. A/c Blowing Warm 85022 Phoenix a/c 85022 repairs an service 


 If an when you need brake repairs service or brake diagnosis stop by Good Brakes Automotive or

 call 602-569-1162.

Brake pads 

Brake Calipers 

Brake rotors 

Brake Lines

Wheel Cylinders

Brake Shoes 

Brake Drums

ABS Modules

Brake Fluid Flush 

Abs Traction Light Diag

Brake Pedal Pulsation 

Brake Squeaking 

Brake Noise

Worn Brakes 

Check Engine Diagnostics

Service Engine Light On , Check Engine Light On ABS light  or any other Dash light We repair Diagnose  CEL fast low cost an with a guarantee . Call mike At Good Brakes Automotive in phoenix for quality Diagnostics fast reliable service.

oxygen sensors

Throttle position Sensors

EGR Valves

Mass Air Sensor

Catalytic Converters

Air Fuel Sensor

Map Sensors

Speed Sensor

Parking Sensors

Sun Temp Sensor

Pressure Sensors 

Tire Pressure monitor Systems 

Fuel Pumps

Fuel Regulators

Shift Inter Locks 



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