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Automotive Services Important When Driving in Phoenix


Since the Temperature in phoenix well exceeds 100 degrees  in the summer , most importantly is to keep engine coolant clean an refreshed every two years . Keep belts an hoses an lets not forget the clamps on the hoses must also be replaced an kept to manufactures. Oil Service an the correct oil weight is most important in the desert . To thin or too thick a oil can cause problems so use the manufactures specs an keep it clean an service as required .  Check an top off other fluids regularly an dont forget the belts. One belt you can not see is the timing belt , this is covered by engine cover so make sure you follow manufactures replacement on this . Next is A/c of course but i do not have to lecture you on this one because you will be in for service as soon as its blowing warm i can bet on that ! But as far as maintenance it is self contained an the only real maintenance you can do is check the belt an top of freon if needed. 



Most important is to check tires  for correct pressure But most cars these days have tire monitors an you can see the pressure in side the car . make sure if the tires are low you top them off , also one quick tip is when looking for new tires in phoenix I recommend you look at the tire TEMPERATURE RATING an always buy a A rated tire in Arizona.The UTOG of the tire is where you can find this information also the salesman can tell you an if you feel up to it you can look on the tire it is very small writing an will have 

Temperature  A B C

Tread wear  100 - 900

Traction  A B C

A being the top rated & highest number being longest wear equivalent to  warranty mileage 

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Check Engine Light  / Dash Light / Service Soon Light / ABS / Traction Control fix it with quality parts diagnose it with state of the art equipment technicians with years of auto diagnostic experience for today's cars an electronic. Call Good Brake Auto for dash light repairs any light any make any model we can do it . 

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Never feel frustrated or feel lost when you have a dash light come on an now you are moments away from possible getting a break down on the side of the road . Dont let this be you , if a light comes on call 602-569-1162 an schedule a appointment today we will let you know what the problem is an give you the answers you need fast. Good Brakes Auto for check engine lights an dash lights . 

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Good Brakes Automotive We treat our customers as long time friends so drop by or call for a automotive experience you will find no where else .

Check Engine Light / Service Soon Light /

Trust the Shop that everyone Trust . GOOD BRAKES AUTOMOTIVE  in Phoenix 602-569-1162 fix check engine light near me fast.  Have A check engine light on an your in phoenix call today . 

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Car running bad, need service , check engine light blinking Engine maintenance due dont just reset check engine light Diagnose it . Looking for Oil Change Tire Rotation Service . Call Good Brakes Automotive today Schedule a service today . 602-569-1162