Auto Electric & Batteries & Charging System & Starters

Dead Battery / Car wont Start / Help


Car wont start phoenix, Dead battery Phoenix, Need a starter installed Phoenix, Phoenix is hot so next time your at good brakes automotive as for electrical system evaluation test we can verify how your starter battery an alternator is working an see signs before the break down Call Mike at Good Brakes Automotive Today  602-569-1162

Starter Replacement


We Offer Top Quality Automotive Starters with 2 year 24000 mile warranty in Phoenix. Starters wear out an some times give you a hint that it is going bad BUT nothing is better then a load draw for testing before you start showing symptoms  Call Today Good Brakes Automotive 602-569-1162

Battery Replacement


Good Brakes Automotive In Phoenix Offers Quality Battery replacement For All Vehicle All Makes . Don't Wait till you have break down on the side of road come in an have us evaluate the electrical system quick an easy so you don't get stuck Call Us Today  

Automotive Charge Systems Alternators


You have battery going dead an cant figure out why . Every morning you find your car at the most vulnerable time wont start . Well maybe you have a charge system problem that is not detected by the car an that's why the charge light is not coming on. Well Good Brakes Automotive can find it fast , because we have qualified electrical technicians here ready to help. so give us a call yo will be glad you did . 602-569-1162

Short Or battery Drain


Ever have something that keeps draining your car battery.  Possible Short or electrical system staying on that you cant see an is not obvious. This happens an sometimes goes unknown for a while with out any clues. Call Good Brakes Automotive they can find it . we offer qualified electrical diagnostics  an can fix it. 

Power Windows/Door Locks / Key Fob


We repair an replace window motors, door locks, an if you lose a key we can replace key fobs . So if  you Break Down In Phoenix don't worry just Call Mike At Good Brakes Automotive .