Shocks / Struts / Rack & Pinion / Suspension / Ball Joints / Bushings

Shocks / Struts Replacement


Shocks an struts help cushion the ride and also keep the vehicle stable an most importantly keep the tire contact to the road at all times. shocks an struts have a life span of around 60k . when they wear out you will start to feel the car nose dive when sudden stops an tires will start to wear out .  So  When you need shock or strut replacement or inspection call Good Brakes Automotive in Phoenix 85022.

Rack & Pinion Replacement


Rack is one of the most important parts in the steering , this transferred the turning of the steering wheel to to tires . most racks are power assisted some have electrical assistance to help on horse power an fuel economy . Flushing the power steering fluid as per the manufactures specs will keep the fluid clean an keep the rack from wearing out prematurely .  

Front Steering Parts

Parts in the steering are as follows an at GOOD BRAKES AUTOMOTIVE WE REPAIR All of these 

Rack& Pinion

Tie Rod Ends

Ball Joints

Control Arms 

Wheel Bearings 

Stabilizer Links 

Shocks Struts

Some of these parts are suspension related but we listed them all because they do have to be inspected with front steering inspection

Suspension Repairs


Do I Need Front End Repairs