Emission Repairs in Phoenix / Check Engine Light


Auto Service Repairs Services

Good Brakes Automotive is full service Automotive Shop . From a simple Oil Service to Check Engine Light On To Engine Replacement. 

Auto Air / Auto A/c / Auto Air Condiotion

We Will Inspect Automotive A/c For Improper cooling . Air Condition not blowing cold in phoenix is a problem due to desert heat in the summer months can make interior temperatures in excess of 140 degrees . A proper A/C system is needed to cool down the vehicle an passages. So Good Brakes Automotive in Phoenix is the place that can do it fast an for a value you will appreciate  

Automotive Maintanance / Tune Ups / Running Rough

If you have a vehicle that's has check engine light on or is running bad or maybe has bad fuel economy , well maybe its time to bring it in for a inspection or maintenance service . We offer the service your vehicles manufacturer requires an can do it in a timely manner with the proper equipment an warranty 

Cv Axles An Drive Shaft Repairs an replacement

We offer CV axle repalcement an repairs . if you need a custom drive axle we can custom make it or you call for details 602-569-1162

Emissions Testing Advise

When your Emissions is due dont wait till the last minute to test . Why? Because you might need a service an sometimes the shop is busy

or part might not be in stock. All so after a repair the computer will be reset an drive cycle needs to be done so that can take up to 3 days of driving . So don't stress out start a little early. Also its best to put premium gas in your tank prior , this can help a close test score if the car is PRE 1997 

Car & Truck Repairs

If you are in need of a service you don't see please call us we can help even  if we do not do that type of service we can help you locate someone who does .Emissions testing is usually not a problem to pass if the vehicle is up to date on its maintenance . So keep this in mind when you go in for oil service ask the shop if there is any required maintenance due an stay up on it  to lessen the stress when emission time comes