Additional Information

Cooling systems are very important to the vehicle so it can maintain a constant temperature for engine to run efficiently.  Cooling systems are designed to also heat passenger compartment in winter an cool engine from the combustion process. Good Brakes Automotive services these systems as per your vehicle manufactures specified service schedules .  We offer diagnostic for  any over heat problems , leaks, an malfunctions of water pumps ,thermostats,  cooling fans, radiators, hoses an heater cores . In Arizona its a critical component to the way the car runs due the high temperatures an the stress that puts on the engine . So Don't forget about maintenance on these parts an systems. So call mike at Good Brakes Auto in North Phoenix an we will inspect these components to make sure they are in top shape an will stay in working order  as designed by the vehicle manufacturer 

Services On Cooling Systems

Cooling  systems are designed to cool an heat  an a rust inhibitor, Coolant or antifreeze needs to be changed or flushed regularly to keep it from dirt contamination an from failing . Call Mike at Good Brakes Automotive we can answer any questions for you . So Don,t forget to call an ask about a cooling system service from the techs that do it the best GOOD BRAKES AUTOMOTIVE  in Phoenix.