Emissions Repairs

Most common problems are when you have a check engine light on an NOW need to have vehicle emissions tested an you fail. WHAT DO YOU DO ? 

When Check Engine light is on or you fail emissions . Come to qualifies repair shop like Good Brakes Automotive In Phoenix. We have years of experience on Emissions repairs an system we have the equipment to diagnose the hardest of problems fast. 

Why Did you fail emissions ?

Emissions testing differs from state to state as does the standard for testing But the end result is lower emissions in the air an that is the main goal. When they test your vehicle they are looking for  Hydro Carbons , Carbon Monoxide ,  Nitrogen oxide. These are examined threw tail pipe an threw the vehicles own computer system using Oxygen sensors.  So when you fail it is because these levels of gases are to hi for the standard followed by EPA. The result is you need to get them down in acceptable levels to pass .

Causes For Emission Failures

Part in your cars emission system get old an go bad , or maybe you do not keep up on maintenance an cause premature failure of these systems. Some of the parts in the vehicle emissions system that cause you to fail emisisons are as follows .

Spark plugs

Ignition Wires 


Fuel injectors

Oxygen sensors

Mass Air Sensor

Catalytic Converter

Coolant Temp Sensor

Air Temp Sensor

Vac Leaks

Fuel Filter

an many more 

Good Brakes Automotive Offers Emissions Repairs in Phoenix

So when you have failed emissions or have check engine (CEL) light on . Call Good Brakes Automotive In Phoenix Today So you can have a qualified technician look at your problem an fix it with confidence an a warranty that you can trust . 602-569-1162 

Oxygen Sensor Replacement / Emissions Sensors


Call Mike At Good Brakes Automotive

Most Important is keeping your vehicle properly maintained and tuned up , If you have check engine light on it is always best to have it fixed an that will add to the longevity of the other emissions devices,  so when the Check engine light comes on don't wait  call (602) 569-1162 to have your Emission System tested today,. This will add savings on break downs in future.

Ask About Pre Emissions Test Inspection

We can test vehicle BEFORE you go threw ADEQ  emissions to make sure the vehicle passes to save you time an headaches of being handed the fail notice at the end of the test procedure an not knowing what is the cost going to be or even what repair is needed . So Call Good Brakes For a PRE Emission test Smog in Phoenix or just vehicle inspection  But if your car is running bad & Emissions Fail in Phoenix  call 602-569-1162

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